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Bolga Basket Winner and Update

Bolga Basket Winner and Update

Congratulations to Joanna Orr from the UK, our first winner of the monthly competition for subscribers to G-lish. We’ve been in contact with Joanna who is excited to be a winner–the first one at that. A Bolga basket will be finding a new home in England shortly. Anyone who wishes to have a chance toContinue Reading

G-lish Featured at Cool People Care

G-lish Featured at Cool People Care

A shout out to Cool People Care to give thanks for the mention of G-lish on their inspiring, world-changing site. “This young and growing organization is working in Ghana to provide sources of income for women and to make an environmental statement.”Continue Reading

Cool People Do Indeed Care

Cool People Do Indeed Care

One of mCool People Carey favourite recent discoveries online is Cool People Care. It’s a site aimed at younger people to motivate youth (and anyone for that matter) to get involved in positive projects to benefit different sections of both local and global communities.Continue Reading

Godwin’s Plea from Ghana to the World

During my first weeks in kindergarten I walked out of school, which was a tree in our village, because the only thing we learnt for weeks was how to count from one to thirty. I told my teacher, “I want to go past one,” and left the tree and walked back home. My parents were horrified and I got in trouble.Continue Reading

Young People Speak Out

Here’s a piece from our first post at YPWC where you can read round-ups from 6 youth-oriented bloggers around the world making great change in their communities. Continue Reading

Socially Responsible Travel and Fair Trade to Boot

A brief look at how travelers awareness can have a positive impact and…a simple explanation of fair trade labeling.
Continue Reading

Start an NGO in Ghana

How to Set up an NGO or non-profit in Ghana: 10 page guideContinue Reading

Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for Seniors and Lawyers

There are dozens of opportunities for seniors and lawyers, or senior lawyers, to make a difference volunteering abroad.Continue Reading

Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for Office Administrators and Environmentalists

How office administrators and environment enthusiasts or professionals can make a difference volunteering.Continue Reading

Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for Teachers and IT Professionals

I did a huge series about volunteering sparked by my memories of the different volunteers I met over the years and the knowledge I’ve gained working in this field now for the past five years. Here are the stories sparked by those memories.Continue Reading

Volunteering opportunities for builders and artists

I recently wrote a bunch of articles about volunteering opportunities for different professions. Here are some excerpts from the stories for volunteering in a building-related or artistic role.Continue Reading

Fair trade and ethical shopping news

Ethical Superstore offers access to all the major fair trade and green brands including Cafedirect, Traidcraft, People Tree, Green & Blacks, Divine, Ecover, Freeplay, EcoZone, Solio and many more. While this shows chocolate , it is like a warehouse for eco products! Continue Reading

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