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Recycled African Bags Interview with G-lish

Recycled African Bags Interview with G-lish

G-lish was profiled at Trendhunter, a brilliant website that showcases individuals and organisations working in social enterprises and development globally. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to change the world, put aside an hour and visit their site, specifically the Social Trends pages. They did two stories on G-lish. An overview of the organisationContinue Reading

40 Lonely Planet Bloggers Release Stunning Ebook

40 Lonely Planet Bloggers Release Stunning Ebook

It’s launch day for a brilliant project: a free (yes, no cost) and stunning E-Book by the Lonely Planet bloggers from the Blogsherpa programme. Continue Reading

Travel Blogging Tips

I started a series about travel blogging that readers of G-lish might find helpful and informative. I’ve been blogging using Blogger at This is Ghana since late 2008 and on Wordpress here at G-lish since late 2009.Continue Reading

Travel Tours in Ghana

I’ve posted 3 or 4 potential tours around Ghana there, and shall post another 10 over the course of the coming weeks. Please check them out!Continue Reading

Voltage and Electric Equipment in Ghana: Tips

Planning and preparing for travel in Ghana: electricity and voltage equipment.Continue Reading

Accra to Eastern Region and the Volta

Every region has something to offer travelers in Ghana: culture, history, arts, crafts, drumming, dancing, beaches, monkeys and elephants—you can sample it all over, from the jungles and beaches of the south, mountains of the east, to the Savannah plains of the north.Continue Reading

Cost of living in pictures

Cost of living in Ghana in picturesContinue Reading

Expat life in Ghana

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live and work–be an expat!–in a developing nation. Or, specifically, sub-Saharan Africa, or maybe even Ghana, then this is the post for you. Continue Reading

My town: Kumasi

I’ve started a small series of posts on the theme My Town based on places I’ve lived around the world in which I post images that tell that town’s story, not necessarily what you see in tourist brochures. Living is anything over 4 months…for me. Some of these photos were taken by a friend andContinue Reading

19 Day Tours of Ghana for independent travellers

Two 19 day itineraries for GhanaContinue Reading

Ghana Travel Planner: two different 10 Day Tours of Ghana

I tend to rough it as a traveler and don’t mind putting myself through hell to get where I want to go (which I didn’t know about myself until I came to Ghana), and sometimes forget that not everyone shares this inclination so I’ve written four itineraries that cater to different traveling styles and durations. The first two are based on 10 days and cover the major highlights: one easy, one more challenging. The next two (in the next post) are based on 19 days: one easy, and then the super challenging version.Continue Reading

Ghana Highlights Part 4: Accra/north to the three northern regions

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Ghana Highlights Part 4: Accra/north to the three northern regions there. Welcome to what sometimes feels like ‘Far, Far Away Land’—the three northern regions of Ghana—which occupy about half of Ghana’s landContinue Reading

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