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Video from G-lish Foundation in Ghana

Video from G-lish Foundation in Ghana

A quick link to recycled Bolga basket production video and the work in Ghana by G-lish Foundation. G-lish Foundation is a registered NGO in Ghana that develops income generating projects using recycled materials in impoverished rural communities. We retail our baskets online, in Australia and in Ghana. Have a look at our unique, innovative andContinue Reading

Definitive Traveler’s Library

Definitive Traveler’s Library

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Wangari Maathai? She is a Kenyan environmentalist and all round bad-ass change-maker. Well, you’d say bad-ass if you were in Government in Kenya in the 90’s, but we’re using it in a positive sense here. As in, the kind of person you want on your team when you set out to change the world. What has Wangari Maathai done? She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004…Continue Reading

G-lish Featured at Cool People Care

G-lish Featured at Cool People Care

A shout out to Cool People Care to give thanks for the mention of G-lish on their inspiring, world-changing site. “This young and growing organization is working in Ghana to provide sources of income for women and to make an environmental statement.”Continue Reading

Photos: Recycled Bolga baskets

Photos: Recycled Bolga baskets

A selection of photos of the recent recycled Bolga baskets from Bolgatanga in Ghana at Trashy Bags in Accra.Continue Reading

Trashy in Name Only

Bolga Baskets: Each basket uses 170 pure water plastic bags on average, and about 1.7 yards of recycled cloth, that would otherwise be burnt along with the plastic.Continue Reading

My Silent Goaty Oaty Oaty Oaty Oaty

If you would rather enjoy your plastic on the outside, then take a twenty minute trip to Trashy Bags in Accra where plastic is recycled into brilliant, handmade bags and purses.Continue Reading

A Plastic Bag, by Any Other Name…

A stroll along any road in virtually any city or village in Ghana invites ugly scenes: plastic rubbish virtually everywhere. It’s one of the major complaints tourists have about traveling in Ghana.Continue Reading

Rubbish Rubbish Everywhere, Ghana’s on the Brink

Plastic bags are to the Ghana landscape what fallen leaves are to Autumn landscapes in cooler parts of the world. Unfortunately, this is not a seasonal phenomenon; it’s a 365 day a year phenomenon.Continue Reading

World Cup Regression

In high school he told me that, when we were in primary school, I’d called him all sorts of racist names. I really thought he was joking. I couldn’t remember calling him names at all. But he insisted I had.Continue Reading

Godwin’s Plea from Ghana to the World

During my first weeks in kindergarten I walked out of school, which was a tree in our village, because the only thing we learnt for weeks was how to count from one to thirty. I told my teacher, “I want to go past one,” and left the tree and walked back home. My parents were horrified and I got in trouble.Continue Reading

Travel Tours in Ghana

I’ve posted 3 or 4 potential tours around Ghana there, and shall post another 10 over the course of the coming weeks. Please check them out!Continue Reading

Start an NGO in Ghana

How to Set up an NGO or non-profit in Ghana: 10 page guideContinue Reading

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