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Rubbish Rubbish Everywhere, Ghana’s on the Brink

Plastic bags are to the Ghana landscape what fallen leaves are to Autumn landscapes in cooler parts of the world. Unfortunately, this is not a seasonal phenomenon; it’s a 365 day a year phenomenon.Continue Reading

Start an NGO in Ghana

How to Set up an NGO or non-profit in Ghana: 10 page guideContinue Reading

Start an NGO in Ghana: Register

The important first four steps have been taken to profile the NGO.
1. Develop vision and mission
2. Set goals and objectives
3. Set up a Board of Directors
4. Set up a Constitution
Now, step 5, Register the NGO in Ghana.Continue Reading

How to Start an NGO: Draft a constitution

How to draft a constitution for an NGO in GhanaContinue Reading

Start an NGO or non-profit in Ghana: Board of Directors

Now that you have outlined your vision and mission, and hopefully set some realistic goals with carefully developed SMART objectives, the next step in starting an NGO in Ghana is to set up a Board of Directors.Continue Reading

Start a non-profit or NGO Part 2 Goals and Objectives

This is the second in our series about starting an NGO or non-profit in Ghana. At this early stage, these tips can be applied to starting a business, non-profit or NGO anywhere.Continue Reading

Want to start an NGO? Read this first.

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Want to start an NGO? Read this first there. ‘Anyone with a hammer and a shovel can start an internationl NGO, but you’llneed more than good intentions to make it work.’ SoContinue Reading

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